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Kohima chosen Network Partner is Gamma Telecom who have gone Carbon Neutral

carbonminslogoAll minutes carried across the Gamma Telecom network are CarbonNeutral, helping businesses, the Public Sector and voluntary sectors reduce their carbon footprint.

Gamma was the first and is still the only UK operator to have a net zero carbon footprint for all calls carried across our network.

Gamma's commitment to reducing carbon emissions has also been realised through the investment in IP based soft-switching in our core network. This software driven environment uses far less power than more traditional hardware infrastructures and continued investment in this technology has enabled us to reduce the mean power consumption per minute carried each year, even as call traffic has increased over the same time.

how does Carbon neutral minutes work?


  1. Each year, Gamma’s carbon footprint is independently assessed by a company called Greenstone Carbon Management who looks at the amount of energy used in transporting minutes across the Gamma network.
  1. Working with The CarbonNeutral Company to offset this carbon footprint, we purchase carbon credits.
  1. Every 1 tonne of CO2 is ‘neutralised’ by 1 tonne which is saved somewhere else in the world by a climate friendly project that would not have happened without carbon credit investment.
  1. The combination of much lower annual power consumption with our carbon offset programme means that customers are using the greenest network in the UK.


Which projects IS gamma supporting?

Projects that our carbon credits are being used on include the Sichuan Province Hydro Power Project in China and the Jamnagar Wind Power Project in India.


benefits to end users

  1. Buy into an environmentally friendly solution
  2. Ideal solution for organisations who are required to meet key green objectives
  3. Greenest way of making calls in the UK

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